About Us


Our company distributes professional Italian cosmetic warm resins, waxing machines and their additional products and Italian professional cosmetics with Bio certification. Our partners are exclusively world-class well-known Italian manufacturers who have several decades of experience in the field of manufacturing cosmetic products.
Our online store only distributes the products of the largest Italian cosmetic resin manufacturers, which guarantee the reliability and constant quality of their products. We sell products with the highest AIAB certification from organic cosmetics manufacturers, which contain pure plant materials from controlled organic farming.

All products distributed by our online store have a European Quality Certificate and the cosmetics have an AIAB quality certificate.

In the selection recommended for residents and beauticians, among warm resins you can find products suitable for all skin and hair types, including elastic resins for intimate areas, effective and skin-friendly premium resin varieties, organic products, pre- and post-care oils, creams and moisturizing balms, peeling, anti-cellulite cream, and resin machines for cartridges and crucible resin heaters, for can, disc, bead and tray types of resin. In addition, we can also find additional products for waxing salons in our online store, such as disposable bed covers, gloves and paper strips and other hygiene products.

If you would like to furnish your salon, we can also help you with, for example: cosmetic beds, magnifying lamps. or tool carts.

Resin types: 100 ml resin cartridges, canned resins, premium quality bead and disc resins and canned resins. Types of elastic Brazilian and multiflex resin applied to intimate areas and organic sugar pastes.

You can find warm resin suitable for all skin and hair types here.

Organic cosmetics for professional face and body treatment:

Formulas made of organic, natural and vegan ingredients designed for professional use. Its primary components are plant ingredients selected from nature during organic cultivation, which were developed and formulated for cosmetic use with the help of the most advanced technologies.

A quick and spectacular effect can be achieved by using them.

AIAB hypoallergenic products for face and body care with the highest EU quality certificate, primarily for our professional customers.

All cosmetic skin care products: hypoallergenic, free of paraffin and paraben, silicone and artificial coloring.

Face milks and tonics, face masks and wraps and active ingredient serums and face creams. Body lotions and body massage creams and oils.

Why Italian Depilation Products:

  • wax cartridges and warm waxes in excellent quality
  • waxing machine, heater machine and wax cartridge heating machine for home and professional use
  • Italian manufacturers are working with continuous development to produce new products
  • the products guarantee a constant, excellent quality and reliability
  • manufacturers adapt to changing market demands
  • a constant and expanding clientele guarantee for the cosmetic profession
  • products are simple and economical
  • a wide range of  “made in Italy” products meets all your needs

Waxing machines:

  • Due to improvements, it is possible to apply epidermal hair removal, without skin damage
  • It does not break and does not break down, ease of use
  • Aesthetic design and color choice
  • Long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Uniform heating temperature across the entire length of the handheld cartridge heater, making the cartridges more economical, nice, gentle, and guarantees even hair removal.