Why buy Amicamia hair removal products?

Hair removal products

Why buy Amicamiashop hair removal products?

Because we only offer products from reliable and recognized Italian manufacturers, of high quality and a wide range of depilatory waxes.
We have been present on the Hungarian cosmetic market since 2016 with our professional hot waxes. For hair removal in the salon at home.
Because the products we sell always provide consistent quality for both our professional and retail customers.
Every year we bring many new products from the best Italian manufacturers to the professional and consumer hair removal market.
All of our products we sell always provide consistent quality for both our professional and retail customers.cause.
Because here you will find the widest range of products that the international market can offer.
Products for organic hair removal,sugaring paste
, the widest range of depilatory waxes with Brazilian recipe, countless traditional hot waxes for hair removal.

Types of hair removal products available:

Roll on wax, also available with small and medium head, for mustaches, underwear above cilia, Roll on Wax with conventional gel, synthetic without rosin, Roll on wax in sugar, Roll on wax organic and without rosin.
Disc waxes 800 gr – 1000gr: Premium quality, elastic with Brazilian recipe
Pearl waxes 800 gr-1000 gr: Brazilian elastic hemp,elastic black pearl wax , Kolophonium-free elastic multiflex waxes: Caipiroska, Mojito, PinaColada.
Wax Tray 1000 gr: traditional, and with a very elastic Brazilian recipe.
Canned sugar paste 400 ml: Soft, Medium, Strong.
Canned resins 400 gr-800 gr: For different types of skin.

Product customization

If you are the Director of a beauty salon, the purchasing department of a supermarket chain, we customize the required tea products and reward your loyalty with discounted prices, and the maintenance of quality forever.
Join us and grow together, we can always be the best, without fear of the market.Because we are the professionals of Depilatory Wax, and we help you offer only professional products.  Ask for info.

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