Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

Health First

Thanks to the new technologies it is always easier to take care of your own with Personal Protective Equipment. Health and personal protection are important aspects of every people’ daily life. Everyone wishes the best for the people we love. Consequently, we must provide ourselves with the right tools for every kind of situation.

Despite all the cautions taken, there are many new devices that greatly improve your safety. In other words, it is always a good choice to mantain a correct behaviour, but getting new devices to increase your protection is even better.

Analysis of Personal Protective Equipment

Our company keeps up with the times and offers the best personal protective equipment to its customers. Starting with a simple hand hygiene, the hand sanitaser kit gel that we propose does not require water to be used. We have two types of face masks: the Silicone Mask with replacement filter and the Kn 95 Mask . The Kn 95 Mask class are very common masks in working environments, they protect from toxic substances, in fact they can retain up to 94% of the particles in the air. Nevertheless the Silicone Mask is with its replacement filter and fully disinfectable and ready to use components.

Technology on our side

Moving on to the electronic field, the Thermometer Digital has no equal for fast, safe and non-contact control.
Lastly, the Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive and very precise instrument. In short, this device measures oxygen saturation in the blood and also provides information on heart rate, one of the most important vital parameters.

We are happy to offer the best of personal protective equipment
Health always comes first, we wish you all the best in this world

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