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Special March with Gifts!

Special March with Gifts March 19-27 Amica Mia Cosmetic Wax Webshop March offer to ladies who are eager to wear a skirt again and show their smooth, silky, beautiful legs. Or for men who think hair removal is a sign of nursing and hygiene, or simply a better sporting outcome, be it cycling, swimming or bodybuilding.

For our professional guests we offer premium disk waxes and post-waxing care products with a gift.

We supply 1 x Xan Premium Disc Wax as a gift after ordering any Xan Premium Disc Wax.

We give you a 1 Prince wax cartridge heater machine as a gift for ordering 3 wax care products of any kind.

We offer a private wax heating kit for our private guests at discounted prices!

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