Bio Face deep cleaner tonic 500 ml


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    Bio Face deep cleaner tonic 500 ml


    Organic cleansing facial is rich in tonic. Sebum-normalizing and cleansing effects. Indicates the completion of daily cleansing of the face after removing the residue using cleansing milk. With biotin, a vitamin known for its sebum-balancing activity, exfoliating mandelic acid and organic green tea extract, it has a cleansing effect. This cream is especially suitable for the treatment of combination and soiled skin. The product is supplemented with emollient ingredients, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and allantoin for fresh and smooth skin.

    Organic certification AIAB

    BIO CLEANSING Face Tonic 500 ml

    “Biotin, almond acid, organic green tea extract”
    Complete composition

    Vitamin H or Biotin – sebum balancer

    Mandelic acid – exfoliating, antioxidant

    Organic green tea extract – lipolytic, antioxidant, exfoliating, skin cleanser, astringent

    Vitamin E – antioxidant, anti-aging, regenerating

    Allantoin – moisturizing, protective, soothing, restorative


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