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BIO Moisturizing face cream 150 ml

BIO Moisturizing face cream 150 ml


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BIO Moisturizing face cream 150 ml


Organic moisturizing face cream suitable for all skin types, even dry and dehydrated. Its rich formula contains ingredients with well-known moisturizing properties; especially betaine, which is an amino acid. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid enriches the product and has known enriching and bulking properties. Organic shea butter has a proper emollient effect and nourishes the skin. The formula is complemented by: the moisturizing effect of panthenol, the recognized antioxidant properties of coenzyme Q10 and the soothing and restorative effect of organic marigold extract. Ingredients for cocktails for soft and silky skin every day.


Betaine, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter

Main active ingredients:

Betaine – moisturizer

Betaine is a very common amino acid in nature. Moisturizing effect.

Low PM hyaluronic acid – moisturizing, bulking

Organic shea butter – emollient, nourishing

Panthenol – moisturizing

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant

Organic Marigold Extract – Soothing, Restorative

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