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Black waxing Xanitalia pearl. N 5 Packs 800 Gr

Black waxing Xanitalia pearl. N 5 Packs 800 Gr


5 Packs 800 Gr Xanitalia Wax Pearl Black

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Product designed to guarantee a decisive and delicate tear at the same time. Black waxing combines in its formulation beeswax, a natural component with well-known moisturizing and nourishing properties, with the presence of other elements such as glycerin, moisturizer, and lubricant; glucose, which improves the grip of the compound on the hair without attacking the skin.

Use of black pearls: the wax can be used without paper.

Very delicate and low-temperature melting wax pearl.

A quick-drying hot wax is warm for the body. Never broken during removal, and easy to form a film-like layer that is peelable from the skin so as to remove hair, and hair removal almost painless. It is particularly suitable for waxing in intimate or sensitive areas.

A very strong type of wax for strong hair.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You are a beautician, you are a salon ask for a contact for our customized solutions.

Made in Italy product

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