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Brazilian hot wax Waxing Block

Brazilian hot wax Waxing Block


Brazilian hair removal wax, to be used hot. 1 kg block.

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Brazilian hot wax. Waxing Block 1 Kg

The real and only Brazilian waxing, without stripes!

Natural, suitable for all skin types, with a soft, surgical tear and low thermal impact on the skin. Brazilian hot wax, thanks to the high adhesion coefficient, incorporates the hair shaft without adhering to the skin, thus guaranteeing epilation:

Almost painless
Also precise in the presence of particularly short and tenacious hair
Ideal in summer because it does not spoil the tan
Indicated in cases of particularly sensitive skin
Suitable for male hair removal.


Heat the wax until it becomes a semi-dense compound keeping it at a temperature between 50 ° and 60 ° (We recommend using a digital wax heater to regulate the temperature).
Spread the wax with a spatula on the part to be depilated in the direction of the hair growth
When it has cooled, tear firmly against the grain.
Remove any residual wax with an after-wax oil.
It is advisable to apply a refreshing moisturizing product at the end of the hair removal.
Item suitable for professional activities of:


Made in Italy product

Additional information

Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 4 cm


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