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Brazilian Wax Pina colada

Brazilian Wax Pina colada


Hot depilatory wax in pearls without rosin

Relieves tear stress on the skin.
Tearing independent of the direction of hair growth.
Ideal for hair removal of large areas and for male hair removal.

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Brazilian Wax Pina colada
The latest version of Wonderlax wax made in Italy, the coconut-scented white Pinacolada, enables wonderfully effective and completely painless waxing.
Really lovable intimate wax with impressive effectiveness.
Recommended for: ideal for hypersensitive skin, first-time waxing.
Recommended areas: intimate areas of the face or where the skin is thinner (armpits)
Brazilian Wax Pina colada: coconut-scented  Multiflex wax beads are available in a 1 kg pack

Advantage of conventional and other elastic waxes:

  • Does not contain Colofonium
  • Low-elastic super elastic wax specialty.
  • Multiflex can therefore be felted and torn in any direction.
  • Guaranteed fine waxing without pain and reddening.
  • Rapid use can be used without scraper strip as spatula wax,
  • Designed for the most sensitive skin.
  • By using vacuum technology, it also picks up hairs that grow under the skin, giving the skin a longer, smoother, smoothness.
  • Never adheres to the skin, but only to the hair, so there is no trace of waxing.
  • As it also removes hair that is still invisible and growing, it is less frequent to wax.
  • A hair removal procedure can also be used with laser hair removal.


1.Heat the wax in a special wax heater.
2.Continue heating until the wax is completely melted, blended, and hot, and acquires a creamy consistency.
3.Check the temperature of the wax, before depilation, by taking a small amount with the spatula and applying it to the inside of the wrist.
4.Take the wax with the disposable wooden spatula and spread it on the area to be epilated, with a thin and even layer. To facilitate grip when tearing, leave a thicker edge at the end of the applied wax strip.
5.Allow the wax to cool, lift the edge at the end of the wax strip slightly, then pull with a quick tear in the opposite direction of application.
6.After epilation, apply a special post-epilation product to remove any residual wax and leave the skin clean and soft.

We recommend the use of digital wax heaters to regulate the temperature of the wax.


do not use on irritated, chapped skin, with the presence of boils or wounds, cuts, or varicose veins. Before use make sure the skin is dry and not irritated. Store in a cool, dry place.
Made in Italy product

Ingredients: Hidrogrenated Styrene / Methyl Styrene / Indene Copolymer ,Hidrogrenated Microcristalline Wax, Paraffinum liquidium, Ethylene/VA Copolymer,Paraffin,Titanium Dioxyd Parfum,Anise Alcohol.

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