Cellulite cream massage


Organic Cellulite body massage Cream 500 ml

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    Organic Cellulite body massage Cream 500 ml

    Contains herbal ingredients that together help with the cosmetic treatment of cellulite blemishes. A blend of ingredients, various ingredients: organic horse chestnut extract promotes skin microcirculatione; Organic green tea extract and caffeine have well-known drainage and lipolytic properties; Sweet almond oil, organic shea butter along with sweet orange essential oil helps in proper softening and elasticity of the skin. Phosphatidylcholine improves the delivery and absorption of other components. Regular use of cosmetic treatments contributes to the compact and toned appearance of the skin.

    Organic Cellulite body massage Cream

    Organic Horse Chestnut Extracts, Organic Green Tea, Caffeine, Phosphatidylcholine
    Complete composition
    Organic horse chestnut extract – stimulates circulation
    Organic green tea extract – lipolytic, emptying
    Caffeine – lipolytic, depleting
    Phosphatidylcholine carrier, antiadiposity
    Sweet orange essential oil smoothing, anti-cellulite
    Rice starch – emollient, refreshing
    Sweet almond oil – nourishing, emollient, elasticizing
    Organic shea butter – emollient, nourishing

    Product: Made in Italy

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