Facial scrub gel with mineral granules 250 ml


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    Facial scrub gel with mineral granules 250 ml

    Facial Scrub with Bio Mineral Granules
    Cleansing gel is ideal for cleansing and exfoliating facial skin, giving it a radiant look. Mineral granules allow fine mechanical exfoliation without damaging the skin; its exfoliating effect is used to remove dead cells present in the surface layer of the skin. It also contains: antioxidant ginseng extract; Organic cucumber extract with refreshing effect and chamomile extract with soothing effect.

    Main active ingredients:

    Mineral grains – exfoliating effect

    Organic cucumber extract – moisturizing, cleansing, refreshing effect

    Ginseng extract – moisturizing, antioxidant effect

    Chamomile extract – soothing effect

    How to use:

    Apply the product to damp skin in light circular motions, adhering to the T area of ​​the face (forehead, nose and chin). Massage gently for a few minutes, then remove the product by rinsing the face with plenty of warm water.

    Chemical-physical characteristics: Does not contain dyes, its color depends only on the presence of substances of natural origin. The color of natural origin may therefore vary from batch to batch. A slight difference in color does not mean a change in the product.

    Storage Instructions: The shelf life of the opened product refers to storage under normal and proper conditions of use.

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