Hot Brazilian Wax Discs


Hot brazilian wax discs pack 800 Gr

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    Hot Brazilian Wax Discs – Pack 800 Gr

    Beeswax suitable for application on both small and large surfaces.
    It is easy to lay, adheres and perfectly incorporates the hair thanks to the vegetable resins that act delicately on the skin.
    Its elasticity allows a painless hair removal for this reason it is ideal on all types of skin, even on the most sensitive.
    Thanks to its components, the skin will be smooth, soft and hydrated. This wax is very practical as it does not require the use of strips.

    Hot brazilian wax discs. How to use :
    Insert the wax into the special stove and wait for the wax to reach a homogeneous consistency.
    Before use, test the temperature of the wax and the reaction of the skin by applying a layer on a small part of the area you want to treat.
    Make sure the skin is perfectly clean and dry. Apply with a spatula a layer of wax on the part to be depilated following the direction of the hair. Wait 10 seconds and tear firmly in the opposite direction to hair growth.
    Remove any wax residues using multivitamin oil.

    Product made in Italy


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    Weight 0.800 kg
    Dimensions 25 × 20 × 4 cm


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