Hot wax green chlorophyll


Jars, 400 – 800 G

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    Hot wax green chlorophyll.

    Ingredients: Rosinate, Glyceryl, Liquid paraffin, Mineral oil.

    Formula soothing and regenerating chlorophyll especially suitable for sensitive skin. Soft and elastic texture for extreme malleability on all body areas. Perfect for people suffering from traffic problems due to its warm temperature that avoids heaviness. To get the most out of your hair removal without redness and irritation, we recommend using our pre and post wax products. To obtain the ideal melting temperature of the wax, without causing burns we recommend our digital wax heaters. 

    Melting temperature 110-115 C

    Usage: with scraping strip.

    Hot wax green chlorophyll. It is a made in Italy product.


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    400 ml, 800 ml


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