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Mask Kn 95

Mask Kn 95




Mask Kn 95
individually wrapped.

The FFP2  protection class respiratory masks are suitable for work environments, where the breathing air contains substances that are harmful to health, capable of causing genetic alterations.

These must capture at least 94% of the particles that are in the air up to 0.6 pm in size, they can be used when the occupational exposure limit value reaches a maximum concentration 10 times higher.

Respiratory mask of protection class FFP2 are used, for example, in the metal industry or in the mining industry.
The mask Kn 95, can be used every day for bacterial protection in closed places, with maximum safety for you and for other people around you.

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Weight 0.10 kg

1 Mask 6,30 Euro, 5 Masks 29,50 Euro, 10 Masks 49 Euro


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