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Massage bed Cinzia 8809

Massage bed Cinzia 8809


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Massage bed Cinzia 8809
One of the favorites of exclusive cosmetics salons is the 3 motor massage beds, which make the comfort of both the professional and the guest simpler and more comfortable.
Recommended for body treatments. Ideal for daily use and handling, it has 3 electric motors that adjust the height, backrest and footrest.
The control is provided by a wired remote control, which allows you to perform several movement functions at the same time.
Well, back max rise 25 degrees leg lift 25 degrees.
Massage bed Cinzia 8809
Sizes: Height: 82 cm Width: 70 cm Length: 189 cm
  • Electric height, backrest, adjustable leg up to 25 degrees
  • Remote control silent motor
  • Removable head cushion
  • Leatherette cover
  • Color: white
  • Capacity: 180 kg

Additional information

Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 290 × 80 × 90 cm


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