Organic Body Scrub with black cyprus sea


Organic Body scrub with black Cyprus sea. Salt 500 grams.

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    Organic Body scrub with black cyprus sea. Salt 500 grams

    Natural body scrub with exotic scent, valuable Cypriot black salt, for skin regenerating body treatment. This rare black salt is collected from the waters of the island of Cyprus and enriched with charcoal obtained by burning softwood bark. The mechanical action of the salt crystals helps to remove the dead epidermis and stimulates their regeneration process. Properties: cleaner. smoothes and results in an even skin surface. Sweet almond oil for skin elasticity, antioxidant fig cactus oil, nourishing and emollient organic jojoba oil. An exclusive exfoliating skin scrub that prepares the skin to optimally receive the benefits of aesthetic treatments.

    Sweet almond oil, fig cactus oil, organic jojoba oil

    Main active ingredients:

    Sweet almond oil – nourishing, emollient, elasticizing
    Prickly pear oil – nourishing, emollient
    Organic jojoba oil – emollient, antioxidant
    Spread the product evenly on the area to be treated. Continue circular massage from top to bottom on the affected area, continue exfoliation for approx. 10/15 minutes. Remove with a damp sponge or shower.

    Chemical-physical characteristics:

    It does not contain dyes, its color depends solely on the presence of substances of natural origin. The color of natural origin may therefore vary from batch to batch. A slight difference in color does not mean a change in the product.

    Product: Made in Italy

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