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Organic cleansing milk moisturizer 500 Ml

Organic cleansing milk moisturizer 500 Ml


Bio Facial washing milk Moisturizer 500 m

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Organic cleansing milk moisturizer 500 Ml

Organic cleansing cleansing milk with ingredients of natural origin that help to gently cleanse the skin without attacking. A product designed for combination and soiled skin due to the presence of ingredients with known cleansing and sebum-normalizing properties, such as burdock extract and organic green tea extract. The blend of vitamins A, E, F, H enhances skin regeneration and resilience. Sweet almond oil and glycerin provide an appropriate emollient cosmetic treatment that promotes the normalizing, cleansing, astringent and toning effects of sebum.

Organic cleansing milk moisturizer

Complete composition:

Vitamin H or biotin – sebum balancer

Vitamin F – eudermic, regenerating

Vitamin A – antioxidant, tonic, anti-aging

Vitamin E – antioxidant, anti-aging, regenerating

Burdock extract – normalizing, cleansing sebum

Organic green tea extract – lipolytic, antioxidant, dehydrating, skin cleanser, astringent

Sweet almond oil – emollient, nourishing, elasticizing

Vitamins A, E, F, H, burdock extract, organic green tea extract

Products: Made in Italy

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