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Organic Face Cream soothing and nourishing

Organic Face Cream soothing and nourishing


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Organic Face Cream soothing and nourishing 150 ml

Organic soothing face cream with soothing ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin prone to redness.

The main ingredient in Organic Aloe Anti-Aging . Bisabolol has a calming effect, Organic Chamomile and Mallow Extracts are known to soothe and soften the skin, Rice Starch which softens and refreshes the skin, Licorice Extract provides anti-aging and toning effect and finishes: natural shea with the nourishing effect of butter, the facial skin appears softer and smoother.


Organic Aloe Vera juice, bisabolol, organic chamomile and mallow extracts

Complete composition:

Organic Aloe Vera Juice – moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging
Bisabolol – soothing
Organic Chamomile Extract – Soothing
Organic mallow extract – protective, emollient
Licorice extract – tonic, soothing, anti-aging
Organic shea butter – emollient, nourishing
Rice starch – emollient, refreshing

Apply the right amount of cream to your face and décolleté until it is completely absorbed.

Chemical-physical characteristics:

It does not contain dyes, its color depends solely on the presence of substances of natural origin. The color of natural origin may therefore vary from batch to batch. Some color change does not mean a change in the product.

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