Organic Face Cream soothing and nourishing


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    Organic Face Cream soothing and nourishing 50 ml

    Organic cleansing face cream, ideal for combination or soiled skin thanks to a mixture of ingredients such as skin cleansing, astringent and sebum normalizing extracts. Burdock extract, organic cucumber extract has extraordinary astringent and soothing properties, while licorice extract has tonic properties.

    The formula is complemented by: organic Aloe Vera juice to promote hydration; Organic Rose Buds is an active water that is excellent in moisturizing, astringent and elasticizing; Silica, known for its matting and homogenizing properties; Vitamin H or biotin has a sebum-balancing effect.

    This product, when used regularly on a daily basis, helps to treat oily skin, giving it a healthier look and a more even and smoother complexion.

    Burdock extract, organic cucumber extract, licorice extract

    Main active ingredients:
    Burdock extract – normalizing, cleansing sebum
    Organic cucumber extract – astringent, soothing
    Licorice extract – tonic, soothing, anti-aging
    Organic Rose Buds Active Water – moisturizing, elasticizing, astringent
    Silica – matt, homogenizer
    Vitamin H or Biotin – sebum balancer
    Caffeine – lipolytic, depleting
    Organic Aloe Vera Juice – moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging

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