Pink wax Titanium Dioxide


Jars wax . 400 – 800 G

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    Pink wax Titanium Dioxide.

    Ingredients: Rosinate, Glyceryl, Liquid paraffin, Mineral oil.,Titanium Dioxide,

    Specially designed to effectively remove coarse, thick and curly hair. Classic rose formulation is most effective on African-American and Latino hair

    Made with titanium dioxide which is especially good for dehydrated, sunburnt, and sensitive skin. Includes emollients to reduce irritations, soften and soothe skin

    Removes hair from the roots to slow down hair regrowth, allowing hair to grow back finer and softer with no stubble leaving a smoother, silkier feel for weeks,Can be used for full body and facial hair removal without wax strips. Simply apply and pull for a smooth, clean finish.

    To get the most out of your hair removal without redness and irritation, we recommend using our pre and post wax products.
    To obtain the ideal melting temperature of the wax, without causing burns we recommend our digital wax heaters. 

    Melting temperature 110-115 C

    Pink wax Titanium Dioxide. It is a made in Italy product.

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    400 ml, 800 ml


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