Organic body massage cream with fat burning effect 500 ml


Organic body massage cream with fat burning effect 500 ml.

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    Organic thermoactive body massage cream with ingredients of natural origin, with a warming effect, ideal for the elimination of local oiliness of the thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks for cosmetic treatment. An exclusive complex of ingredients such as Organic Chili Pepper Extract, Caffeine and Capsicum Oleoresin, combined with Rosemary and Sage Extracts and Sweet Orange and Juniper Yugo Essential Oils, help tone skin tissue and make it elastic, improving fat accumulation caused signals. During massage Reduces the layer of fat.

    Caffeine, Organic Chili Extract, Juniper Yugo Essential Oil

    The product is not recommended for people with capillary fragility. or whose skin is thin and sensitive.

    Main active ingredients:

    Caffeine – lipolytic, depleting
    Organic chili pepper extract – repellent, protective microcirculation

    Juniper essential oil Yugo – restorative, toning, astringent
    Complete composition:
    Caffeine – lipolytic, depleting
    Organic Chili Pepper Extract – Microcirculation
    Caffeine – lipolytic, depleting
    Capsicum oleoresin – repellent, protective microcirculation
    Organic sweet orange essential oil smoothing
    Sweet almond oil – nourishing, emollient, elasticizing
    Organic shea butter – emollient, nourishing

    Use: Apply the product to the areas to be treated (buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs) and massage until completely absorbed. Long and long-lasting massage improves the quality of treatment.

    WARNINGS: The burning sensation may be completely normal. In case of excessive discomfort, rinse and stop treatment.

    Chemical-physical characteristics: Does not contain dyes, its color depends only on the presence of substances of natural origin. The color of natural origin may therefore vary from batch to batch. A slight difference in color does not mean a change in the product.

    Product: Made in Italy

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