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Professional triple roll on wax heater

Professional triple roll on wax heater


Xanitalia triple roll on wax heater

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Recommended for professional use, top grade waxing machine with integrated thermostat at 105 watts.

Premium quality table wax cartridge heater machine from Europe’s most prominent manufacturer of Xanitalia.

Professional triple roll on wax heater:

  • especially long life
  • maximum operating hours
  • stable and reliable operation
  • this wax cartridge heater is easy to handle.

The wax cartridge heaters can not be individually controlled, they can heat up at least 3 mins, so the Xanitalia Trio desktop machine is especially recommended for resin salons.

The heater base and the wax coupler material are iron / non-plastic than on the Chinese machines therefore also have a longer life span because the strap is the metal of the connector.

When charging or making it easier to operate, it is not necessary to attach it to the base, as it is mounted on the base at the bottom of the machine. Take care to keep the wax cartridge warming machine clean the long-term usability of our up gradable machine.

If you want a truly professional and stylish, reliable high-end machine, choose your Xanitalia Trio desktop wax cartridge heater. 220-230 V, 50/60 Hz, 105 Watt.


Additional information

Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 16 cm


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