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Professional wax Mini cartridge Titanium pink

Professional wax Mini cartridge Titanium pink


Roll on 100 Ml

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Roll on wax Titanium Pink Waxing 100 ml Mini Cartridge head

A professional product – used in beauty salons.
A mini roll-on type roll helps remove hair from sensitive areas of the face, female mustache hair.
To be used for sensitive skin and short hard hair.
Pleasant texture, optimal for delicate hair removal treatments.
The refill has a patented new generation “roll-on” system which prevents excessive wax leakage and facilitates its application.
Ideal for home hair removal treatments.
As a result, the skin is soft and smooth for about 3 weeks.

Product: Made in Italy

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Weight 0.137 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 3 cm


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