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Roll on wax Amethyst 100 ml

Roll on wax Amethyst 100 ml


Roll On Wax 100 Ml

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Roll on wax Amethyst

Rich in antioxidants. This roll on wax is infused with amethyst gem minerals and coconut oil which helps plump and hydrate the skin and prevent free radical damage. Attracts and retains moisture and rebuilds the moisture level without irritating the skin. When you apply this depilatory wax from AmicaMia to your skin, you will find that it not only removes unwanted hair, but instantly leaves your skin smooth and hydrated!

The smooth satin amethyst crystal depilatory wax removes unwanted facial hair, up to the most delicate areas. Also effective for all parts of the body while being gentle on the skin. Waxing experts recommend this for use on the face and bikini line, any hair type without any discomfort! It follows the curves of the body, easily captures short and coarse hair on uneven surfaces. Featuring high plasticity while not creating elastic threads!

Application: It is recommended for first waxing, anti-inflammatory, creamy composition.

Use: Conventional cartridge wax heaters are heated in 30 minutes using resin paper.

Perfect and gentle waxing silky soft skin for 3 weeks.

Product Details:

Use: with paper

Colophonium: yes

Product Made in Italy

Additional information

Weight 0.137 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 3 cm


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