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Aloe vera titanium hair removal wax

Aloe vera titanium hair removal wax


Available in jar 400 – 800 Gr

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ACHIEVE SENSUOUSLY SOFT, HAIR-FREE SKIN: Care about your skin, and choose Satin Smooth Aloe Vera Pot Wax! This soothing and premium depilatory wax will help you achieve a painless, salon-quality and much smoother look and finish for your skin! By using this hair removal wax, your skin will be sensuously soft longer without feeling itchy because of slower hair regrowth. By adding waxing to your beauty regime, you will experience a touchable smoothness that lasts!

Use of jar resin:

Place the box in the resin heater.
Melt the resin at a constant temperature / approx. 90 minutes at  115 ° C. Wait until the resin subsides so it does not cause damage when applied to the skin.
Using a spatula, apply a thin layer of resin to the area to be shaved in the direction of hair growth.
Using the palm of your hand, flatten the resin scraper strip until it adheres completely to the skin, then pull it out of the skin with a quick, firm, bottom-up motion. You can use the same strip of paper more than once to remove it.
Use a post-wax cleansing oil to remove resin residue from the skin.
After hair removal, use moisturizing and soothing skin care products after waxing.

On first use, test on a small area of ​​skin and then, if it does not cause skin irritation, apply the product to the entire area of ​​skin to be depilated after 24 hours.
Use only on clean, undamaged skin.
Keep out of the reach of children in a cool, dry place.
Product data:
Usage: with paper
Rosin: no
Salon waxing: yes

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400 ml, 800 ml


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