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Wax discs depilatory blue azul

Wax discs depilatory blue azul


Disc Wax Blu Azul Xanitalia 1 Kg 

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Wax discs depilatory blue azul

Premium quality conventional disc wax. Use without removal strips.

Gentle for skin, quick freezes and effective for removing strong hair. It does not drip, does not spit and never breaks while in use, allowing quick and easy waxing.

In disc formulated with titanium dioxide enriched conventional wax, which is recommended for sensitive skin, for spatula waxing, without use of strips. Especially intimate areas are recommended for bikini lines, armpits and face waxes because they allow gentle and perfect hair removal. It does not stick to the skin making it easy to use.


Place the required amount in a metal crucible and place it in the wax heater machine.

  1. When the liquid is reached, check the wax temperature.
  2. If you think for the skin it is the right temperature, apply with a spatula to the skin surface to be treated.
  3. Spread in the direction in the hair growth.
  4. When you are reaching an appropriate degree of congelation and adhesion, pull them manually in the direction opposite to the hair growth.

Product Details:

Use: without paper

Colophonium: yes

Waxing in the salon: yes

SHOP information:

It is especially recommended for professional use.

Wide range of high quality tray waxes in 1 kg packing, Italian quality, reasonable prices.                                                    AmicaMia web shop offers you a disc wax suitable for all skin and hair types. You can make your wax order in the web shop by email or phone.

Produced in Italy






Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 23 × 22 × 3 cm


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