Brazilian pearl wax with hemp extract


Brazilian pearl wax with hemp extract. 800 gr

  • Description

    Brazilian pearl wax with hemp extract. 800 gr

    Our newest product is the novelty of autumn.

    Low Temperature Elastic Wax With Natural hemp Herbal Extract For Spatula Waxing. Use without pull strip.

    It can only be used when heated in a cup with a low melting point.

    For particularly sensitive or problematic skin and for waxing intimate areas. Creamy milky milky-colored resin has a pleasant exotic scent that makes it easy to clean and fast.

    Guests and beauticians will love it because:

    • Gentle and almost painless hair removal even in the most sensitive areas.
    • It never breaks any length of time on the skin surface, the elastic wax remains elastic at every stroke
    • It does not adhere to the skin, but only the hairs do not hurt the skin and there is little wax residue on the skin.
    • Low-melting and low-temperature wax that never burns the skin for a pleasant warm feeling sprinkle on the area to be waxed.
    • Strong hairs are completely removed without breaking the hair but pulled out with a soft dull rupture so it is more pain-free than conventional resins.
    • It does not damage the upper epithelium, but it also removes hairs and flies because the wax adheres only to the hair not to the skin.
    • It provides quick and clean and predictable waxing because it quickly dries and almost no residual remains on the skin, so post-treatment is not a lengthy procedure.
    • Easy handling and cleansing of the cosmetic area is easier because there is no drip.
    • After waxing, hardly any residual remains on the skin, so you do not need to clean the skin much after waxing.
    • After waxing, the skin is not reddened or cracked because the vegetable content of the Brazilian wax canapa has a skin care effect and due to its elasticity it is less resistant to waxing.

    Use Brazilian pearl wax with hemp extract:

    • Place the desired amount in a metal container that is placed in the cup into a warming machine.
    • Adjust the wax heating machine for max. 25 minutes and then melt the bead to medium heat.
    • When creamy texture, than we can use.
    • Spatula / metal or wood / apply to the area to be waxed according to the direction of hair growth and then tear in the opposite direction.
    • You do not need to get too thick, but not too thin because it will quickly allow you to wax it.

    Ingredients of Brazilian wax: beeswax, natural mineral wax, candelilla wax, hemp plant extract.

    Try it and your guests will be grateful because the previously unpleasant and painful waxing is now becoming a new pleasant waxing experience.

    Are you a professional in the sector, a manager of a beauty salon, contact us to ask for customized solutions for you.

  • Additional information

    Weight 0.800 kg
    Dimensions 26 × 16 × 2 cm

    250 gr, 800 gr


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