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Roll on wax elastic gel

Roll on wax Elastic gel

News Roll on wax gel Elastic

Innovative and original, discover the new elastic gel waxes with no rosin. Thanks to its fluid texture, this professional wax offers pleasant and effective hair removal on short hair. You can choose it in 3 different scented fragrances it will seduce you and will make hair removal a relaxing experience.

The professional hot roll-on wax is the simplest, most effective, and fastest to use. Ideal for starting waxing.

This roll-on wax cartridge is used with a wax heater that keeps the wax at the right temperature.

The roll-on allows you to apply a uniform amount of wax on the area to be depilated. One step is enough to apply the wax.

Hot wax is removed with a non-woven strip in a quick and painless procedure.

This wax is fat-soluble, to remove small residues of wax on the skin, it is necessary to use an oil. Post-hair removal oil will soothe and hydrate your skin at the same time.

This wax cartridge fits most professional wax heaters.

Models Roll on wax gel

Litzea   Eucalyptus  Aloe vera

Tip: size M.

Container: 100 ml

Size: 11x5x2 (approx)

This wax cartridge allows you to do:

– 4 to 5 depilations of the half legs depending on the hair.

– 2 to 3 hair removal for the whole leg

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