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Amica Mia

Our company distributes professional Italian cosmetics warm waxes, waxing machines and their accessories products. Our partners are Italian producers who have decades of experience in the manufacture of cosmetic products for depilation.
Our webshop distributes the products of the largest Italian cosmetic wax manufacturers, which guarantee the reliability and quality of their products.

They are constantly innovating to develop high quality products to suit the changing needs of the market. In our web store all products are quality controll and has a European Quality Certificate.

All products suitable for residential and cosmetic use include all types of skin and hair suitable for intimate areas, waxes, organic products, pre-and after-care oils, moisturizing balsam, peeling, anticellulite cream and waxing machines for cartridges and traditional or canned, disc and tray wax types.

Wax types: cartridges, canned, standard trays, paddles and intimate areas of Brazilian warm wax varieties and Bio Wax.

Professional Italian cosmetics warm waxes:

We only sell high quality Italian depilation products with high quality European Quality Certificate in our webshop We offer a wide range of wax cartridges, disc, pearl waxes, board waxes and canned waxes, as well as hand and table wax cartridge heater machines and crucible heater devices and other accessories products such as paper strips, spatulas etc. in our Amica Mia webshop. All our skin and hair types can be found in our store. Our professional customers can buy at a discounted price in our webshop.

  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
  • Wax cartridges and cosmetic hot waxes
Wax cartridges and wax heater machines
Cartridge, canned, standard tray and disc waxes
Brazilian wax varieties for intimate areas
Accessories products

Why Italian Depilation Products:

  • wax cartridges and warm waxes in excellent quality
  • waxing machine, heater machine and wax cartridge heating machine for home and professional use
  • Italian manufacturers are working with continuous development to produce new products
  • the products guarantee a constant, excellent quality and reliability
  • manufacturers adapt to changing market demands
  • a constant and expanding clientele guarantee for the cosmetic profession
  • products are simple and economical
  • a wide range of products meets all your needs

Waxing machines:

  • Due to improvements, it is possible to apply epidermal hair removal, without skin damage
  • It does not break and does not break down, ease of use
  • Aesthetic design and color choice
  • Long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Uniform heating temperature across the entire length of the handheld cartridge heater, making the cartridges more economical, nice, gentle, and guarantees even hair removal.

Why is Bio wax so different:

The composition of the Bio Wax Cartridge contains only natural substances in 100% such as: honey wax, sugar wax and lemon extract. This way, anyone can use it without risk for any skin type. It is not recommended to use strong dark hair.

  • melted at a lower temperature /47°C/ so it can be used at lower temperatures, therefore never causes skin damage
  • It can be used with a special bio-wax heater machine
  • less painful depilation
  • perfect waxing result
  • Bio wax does not leave a sticky stain or residue on the skin at the end of treatment, no need for cleaning after-care
  • nourished, hydrated soft skin sensation