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Our company, AmicaMia Shop, specializes in the sale of professional Made in Italy cosmetic products & body care for daily home use. On our web site you can find the widest choice of professional Made In Italy hot cosmetic waxes, wax warmers, accessories and products for daily use in your salon and at home, for women and men. Since the beginning of 2021 we have included cosmetic products for the treatment of the body and face, strictly certified organic, at fantastic prices, from the manufacturer to the buyer, with the possibility of customizing the brand for salons and large retailers.We constantly innovate our products to meet the changing needs of the global cosmetics market.

See on our site AmicaMia Shop, how many countless high quality Made In Italy products you can find for your salon I have for home use.

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Why Italian Depilation Products:

  • Wax cartridges and warm waxes in excellent quality
  • Waxing machine, heater machine and wax cartridge heating machine for home and professional use
  • Italian manufacturers are working with continuous development to produce new products
  • The products guarantee a constant, excellent quality and reliability
  • Manufacturers adapt to changing market demands
  • A constant and expanding clientele guarantee for the cosmetic profession
  • Products are simple and economical
  • A wide range of products meets all your needs

Why is Bio wax so different:

  • Melted at a lower temperature /47°C/ so it can be used at lower temperatures, therefore never cause skin damage
  • It can be used with a special bio-wax heater machine
  • Less painful depilation
  • Perfect waxing result
  • Bio wax does not leave a sticky stain or residue on the skin at the end of treatment, no need for cleaning after-care
  • Nourished, hydrated soft skin sensation

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     We are constantly innovating to develop high quality products.


Amicamiashop: quality, wide choice of body care cosmetics, equipment, service, super affordable price.