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Brazilian Wax 400 ML

Brazilian Wax 400 ML

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Almost painless
Also precise in the presence of particularly short and tenacious hair
Ideal in summer because it does not spoil the tan
Indicated in cases of particularly sensitive skin
Suitable for male hair removal

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Brazilian Wax 400 ML

Low temperature melting beeswax.

Particularly suitable for application on small and large surfaces.It is easy to lay. Adheres and perfectly incorporates the hair thanks to the vegetable resins that act delicately on the skin.

Its elasticity allows a painless hair removal for this reason it is ideal on all types of skin, even on the most sensitive.

Thanks to its components, the skin will be smooth, soft and hydrated.

This wax is very practical as it does not require the use of strips but is applied directly to the affected area.

Product made in Italy

Additional information

Weight 0.490 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm

1 review for Brazilian Wax 400 ML

  1. Bea

    I’m hyper sensitive skin and so far after every waxing, my skin popped up and reddened…..and I couldn’t go to people that day. I have tried this Brazilian wax on the advice of my girlfriend and no redness no splash …. is just perfect hair removal and healthy skin. And one more positive thing is that half of the hair is not so unpleasant …. I’m very happy with this product because I finally found the perfect wax !!!!!!!! Thanks, I’m your eternal customers:) Bea

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