Electric beauty bed


Electric beauty bed Daria

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    Electric beauty bed Daria

    A favorite of the exclusive beauty salons is the 3-motor cosmetic treatment bed, which makes the comfort of both the professional and the guest easier and more comfortable. Recommended for body treatments. Ideal for everyday use and driving position, it has 3 electric motors adjustable in height, backrest and leg section. Control is provided by a wired remote control, which can be used to perform various motion functions. Maximum backrest height of 90 degrees and leg lift and tilt.

    The height of the seat, backrest and leg section is electrically adjustable
    Backrest and armrest with removable cover in white imitation leather.
    Dimensions: Height: 60-80 cm Seat width: 60 cm Length: 184 cm + adjustable and extendable part at the feet
    The backrest has a face cut and a removable head cushion.
    weight of the bed: 90 kg

    Dimensions Electric beauty bed Daria;

    Height: 80 cm
    Width: 60 cm
    Length: 184 cm

    Electric height, backrest, leg adjustment.
    Silent remote control motor.
    Removable head pillow.
    Faux leather upholstery
    White color – Over 3 pcs it is possible to customize the color.
    Load capacity: 180 kg

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