Roll on wax Titanium Vanilla 100 Ml


Premium quality resin cartridge

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  • Description

    Premium quality resin cartridge

    Application: Resin with a soft and creamy application, excellent adhesion, strong tears and short hair. After waxing the skin remains hydrated and there is no skin irritation. It is also suitable during the summer because it preserves the tan of the skin.

    Roll on wax Titanium Vanilla Use : Can be used with resinous paper when heated in a conventional cartridge resin heater for 20 minutes. Perfect and gentle waxing for silky soft skin for 3 weeks.

    Product details:
    Usage: with paper
    Colophon: Yes
    Salon waxing: Yes
    Waxing at home: Yes
    Choose from our page the numerous cartridges, suitable for your salon.

    Roll on wax Titanium Vanilla: Made in Italy

  • Additional information

    Weight 0.137 kg
    Dimensions 14 × 5 × 3 cm


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