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Wax Warmer Professional AmicaMia

Wax Warmer Professional AmicaMia


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Wax Warmer professional AmicaMia 500 ML.


Primary resin heating machine for heating canned resins, tray resins, disc resins and other types of resins (sugar and Brazilian resins) (excluding resin cartridges). Suitable for heating 350-500ml of resin with thermostat.

Use: Wax warmer professional


Place the canned resin into the machine and open the resin lid. If you’re using a resin disc, bead, or board, place it in a heatable container and place it in the machine.
Plug the resin heater into the electrical outlet with the power cord.
Set the thermostat knob to the maximum / Max / heating temperature and leave to act for 20-25 minutes.
Set the thermostat knob to half the maximum temperature / Med / and leave it to act for another 10 minutes.
If the resin reaches the right consistency and treatment temperature / depending on the type of resin you are using / you can start hair removal.
It is recommended to keep the device at this temperature throughout the treatment.
At the end of the treatment, in the OFF position, the machine is switched off and the cable is disconnected.
STORE information:

The machine can be fitted with 400ml and 500ml metal bowls. The metal bowl is standard size and fits all resin heaters we sell.

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This product is strictly produced in Italy

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Dimensions 18 × 13 × 20 cm


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