Digital double heater roll on wax


Digital double heater roll on wax

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    Digital double heater roll on wax.

    Double digital roller heater with digital temperature control, verifiable on the display.

    Machine with integrated thermostat. When set to the maximum temperature, it heats the cartridge much faster than average machines, but thanks to the integrated thermostat, it always keeps the resin cartridge at the ideal temperature.


    Attach the soles to each other / i.e. join the soles together /
    then plug the devices into an electrical outlet
    use the power button on the side of the resin cartridge heaters to bring it to the desired temperature, which you can control on the digital display.
    Each resin cartridge heater can be individually controlled to turn it on and off independently.

    Its advantage:

    Digital double heater roll on wax.                                                                                                               

    It allows you to heat 2 roll on wax to a different temperature, quickly heats the resin cartridge.
    Ideal for different types of resin cartridges, as it is possible to set the temperature, without having to worry about overheating, because the integrated thermostat adjusts the resin cartridge to the regulated temperature
    Attachment to the base is lighter and easier than laterally connected machines and thus ensures a much longer service life.
    Heat all types of resin / gel and cream / cartridges to an ideal temperature so that there is no overheated or overheated resin and it does not cause any discomfort to the skin.
    Easy and simple to use.

    220V-240V 50-60Hz 40W / 

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    Weight 0.300 kg
    Dimensions 26 × 24 × 10 cm


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