Organic roll on wax sugar paste


Roll on 100 ml Sugar Paste.

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    The sugar paste cartridge, hypoallergenic and delicate.Thanks to the high quality natural ingredients, the skin will be soft and hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types, even the youngest ones. It is less painful because it envelops the hair without adhering to the skin. Application and tearing are therefore softer and the skin less reddened. It also doesn’t burn because its melting point is lower.

    This cartridge can be used with a low temperature wax heater


    Insert Bio roll on wax sugar paste of 100 ml special wax-warming handpiece and wait for it to be completely dissolved.
    Follow the instructions of the wax heater carefully. Before use, take out the roll-on wax and turn it upside down for a couple of seconds to make sure the wax is completely melted, then reinsert it into the wax heater.

    For the first use, spread the first strip of wax on a sheet of non-woven fabric. Make sure your skin is perfectly clean and dry. Apply a layer of wax, as homogeneous as possible, on the part to be depilated in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair.
    Immediately apply a strip on the wax layer making it adhere well.
    Keep the skin taut and tear firmly following the hair growth, keeping the strip as close and parallel to the skin as possible. The same strip can be used for multiple rips.

    After hair removal, remove any residual wax using warm water.

    Made in Italy product

    You can buy at a discounted price, organic wax kit for hair removal, for home use, and for professional use.

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    Weight 0.190 kg
    Dimensions 14 × 5 × 3 cm


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