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Pro Wax 100 digital temperature control

Pro Wax 100 digital temperature control


Pro Wax 100 digital temperature control


Pro Wax 100 digital temperature control.

Amicamia Shop, presents a preview of the fabulous series of wax heaters, Pro wax in a digital version with a temperature control display.


Wax warmer with temperature control, machine for heating 500 ml wax. With a removable tank, built-in thermostat, plastic lid and a digital display that shows the current heating temperature.

The temperature controller can be manually adjusted. Reliable and easy-to-use wax heater machine with the advantage of accurately showing the wax temperature on the digital display.

With this device, you can meet all types of waxes, elastic, Brazilian pearls, discs, and traditional waxes.

Available in 2 colors: Black and White

In the Amicamia shop, you can buy the Pro wax series you want, and an infinite series of professional wax heaters.

Additional information

Weight 700 kg

Black, White


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